Chrome Alternative Browsers to checkout in 2024

Chrome has been the most used browser & dramatically changed the way we use the internet. Now, it's time to look beyond & try Chrome alternatives.

Chrome Alternative Browsers to checkout in 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of web browsers, keeping an eye on alternatives challenging the status quo is essential. While Chrome has been the go-to choice for many, newer browsers with unique features and capabilities are emerging.

In this article, we'll look at three promising Chrome alternatives set to make waves in 2024: Arc, Thorium, SigmaOS and Ungoogled Chromium.


Arc is designed with simplicity and privacy in mind. The clean and intuitive interface immediately catches the eye, promising users a straightforward and user-friendly browsing experience.

Arc offers advanced privacy settings, enabling users to take control of their online data. Arc has built-in ad-blocking capabilities, which allows it to minimize exposure to potentially harmful ads and trackers.

Arc from The Browser Company
Experience a calmer, more personal internet in this browser designed for you. Let go of the clicks, the clutter, the distractions.


Thorium is a browser that empowers users through customization and security.

On the security front, Thorium employs cutting-edge encryption technologies and proactive measures against malicious websites, ensuring a secure and reliable browsing environment.

Thorium Browser
Chromium fork for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi named after radioactive element No. 90.


SigmaOS takes a bold step by bridging the gap between browsing and operating systems. It introduces a novel concept where the browser is a central hub for online and offline activities.

One of SigmaOS's distinctive features is its integration of productivity tools directly into the browsing experience. Users can seamlessly access document editing, file management, and collaboration features, creating a unified platform for work and leisure.

SigmaOS aims to redefine the browser as a comprehensive digital ecosystem, offering users a multifaceted and streamlined online experience.

The new home for your internet. One window. Many Workspaces. All your tabs.

Ungoogled Chromium

Google has been uplifted in the Internet scene with their Chrome browser, and all are managed with Chromium, the underlying scaffold under Chrome without all the paint job.

Ungoogled Chromium is a version of Chromium which is patched to remove any integration with the Google services.

Along with no Google services integration, it also offers enhanced privacy & control but it would need to be activated manually in the browser.

GitHub - ungoogled-software/ungoogled-chromium: Google Chromium, sans integration with Google
Google Chromium, sans integration with Google. Contribute to ungoogled-software/ungoogled-chromium development by creating an account on GitHub.

Orion Browser by Kagi

(Apple only)

Orion is a lightweight browser built on WebKit and features Zero telemetry (no tracking). I have tried this app and it does seem to be very light weight and very Clean.

Apart from being light weight and zer telemetry, Orion also allows to install your favorite extensions from Chrome and Firefox on the macOS app (which Chrome and Firefox don't allow 😥)

Orion Browser by Kagi

Bonus: Firefox

All the features we talked about in the above browsers, Firefox has a good track record against the tracking and privacy for its users.

It has a different UX as compared to Chrome like no tab groups but extensions are there to support the desired workflow.

I would encourage to try and use Firefox again. Firefox comes in two flavours: Firefox and Fireforx Developer Edition

Download the fastest Firefox ever
Faster page loading, less memory usage and packed with features, the new Firefox is here.
Firefox Developer Edition
Firefox Developer Edition is the blazing fast browser that offers cutting edge developer tools and latest features like CSS Grid support and framework debugging


Arc, Thorium, SigmaOS, and Ungoogled Chromium showcase unique approaches to address user needs in the dynamic landscape of web browsers.

Whether you prioritize simplicity, customization, or a comprehensive digital ecosystem, these browsers present compelling alternatives to Chrome.

Explore these new browsing experiences and let me know what you think of them/

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